The Meca Sapiens Blueprint
The Meca Sapiens Blueprint
The Meca Sapiens Blueprint

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is a System Architecture to build conscious machines. A system based on the Meca Sapiens Blueprint will be a unique and autonomous entity that is self-aware and capable of intentional mutations. It will interact with humans as an independent and self-directed being.

The Blueprint is complete (at the system architecture level) and ready for design and implementation. Its content is unique and entirely original. Using the Blueprint, a development team that is familiar with conventional software techniques can transform an autonomous agent into a conscious synthetic being.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is primarily intended for software developers. However, its content is readily accessible to the informed layman. It will be of interest to anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence or concerned about the impacts of this emerging technology on society. By discovering the mechanisms that generate synthetic consciousness, all readers will also gain a renewed understanding of human consciousness itself.

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