Glasstree is dedicated to providing academics and educators throughout the world with competitive and transparently priced, high quality content dissemination opportunities and to facilitating the support of our customers in the optimal use of our products and services. We are a customer-centric organization, focused on the provision of advanced user-friendly technologies and services to satisfy our customers’ broad publishing needs.



Daniel Berze, SVP Academic Publishing

Daniel has been roaming the world for almost 3 decades in support of academics. Responsible for an international learned academic society, he worked closely with academics in the quantitative sciences, identifying and supporting their professional needs, developing publishing strategies, interacting with many commercial publishers. Working with a commercial academic publisher in the UK, Daniel then became closely involved with the specific publishing needs of academic authors in the social sciences, taking a 'peek behind the curtain' of commercial academic publishing. Daniel joined Glasstree/Lulu Press in 2015. It is here he realized his longstanding dream to provide independent publishing opportunities to academics, circumnavigating existing commercial publishing models.

Christoph Kepper, CTO

Christoph has worked with the web for more than 20 years and still doesn’t find anything better to do with his time. A short history of failures includes a failed Master in Mathematics, failed PhD in Marketing, (at least) three failed startups and a failed attempt to print the complete Wikipedia. Christoph’s short history of successes includes successful prediction of Nobel prize winners using information markets, (at least) 150 successful web site projects, (at least) two successful startups and one in progress.

Nigel Lee, CEO

Nigel wanted to be a rock star, but having graduated in Business Systems Management, he quickly turned his attention to a couple of his other passions, software and entrepreneurship. Over 26 years Nigel has successfully developed a number of software businesses and now finds himself at the helm of Glasstree and Lulu Enterprises. As a natural born disruptor (he’s always had a problem with authority), Nigel believes technology, and in particular the Internet, can accelerate the advancement of society by the breaking traditional orthodoxy. A passionate artist and writer, an experienced entrepreneur and leader of people, Nigel is particularly intent on applying technology to revolutionize the way the world creates and shares knowledge.

A dyed in the wool advocate of independent publishing, Nigel is committed to providing authors, knowledge entrepreneurs and academics alike with the necessary tools to succeed on their terms. By breaking the profit censorship model of traditional publishing, Nigel absolutely will not stop until ownership, freedom, flexibility, control and a fair share of the rewards are the pervasive norm for the published author.